Running PHP on NFS: version 1.3 of turbo_realpath extension.

Here’s a new version of the turbo_realpath extension which solves the performance problems with PHP applications and NFS storage. This is mainly a maintenance release that adds support for the latest versions of PHP like 5.4 and 5.5.

How to install turbo_realpath?

You can download this extension from this link.

In order to use this extension, you have to compile it first:

cd realpath_turbo
cp modules/ /usr/lib/php/modules

Please, remember to change /usr/lib/php/modules to the path used by your PHP installation.

Next, you have to configure this PHP extension in php.ini file, like so:

; you have to load the extension first
; set this to 1 in order to disable dangerous PHP functions (link,symlink), or set to 0 in order to ignore potential security issues
realpath_cache_security = 1
; if you want, you can enable safe_mode, in order to do so, you have to switch off
; standard open_basedir setting...
open_basedir = off
; and then switch on custom realpath_cache_open_basedir setting,
; (remember, safe mode is not required by realpath_turbo extension, 
; you can safely ignore these settings if you want)
real_path_cache_safe_mode = on
; then copy the value of open_basedir into realpath_cache_basedir parameter
realpath_cache_basedir = /var/www/html/drupal
; and finally DISABLE the open_basedir setting,
; it will be changed automatically to the value of a realpath_cache_basedir setting.
; open_basedir=""

As you can see, in order to use this extension, you have to move the value of open_basedir setting into realpath_cache_basedir and then disable open_basedir itself. After this, turbo_realpath extension will reenable open_basedir restrictions automatically.


I would like to thank Sebastian Siemssen for reporting the PHP 5.4 incompatibility issue and sending me a working solution (as this version of turbo_realpath extension is based only on his fix).


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