About me

since you’ve visited this page, you’re probably wondering who I am. Below I present to you some facts about me.

Name: Artur Graniszewski
Year of birth: 1982
Occupation: Warsaw, Poland
  Copenhagen, Denmark
E-mail: aargoth(at)

Experience: PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, C#, C, Linux, Apache, Security, internal code audits

Current employer: Xstream A/S [www]

Current job: senior web developer
Previous employers: Aster sp. z o.o. [www]
o2 Group ( [www]
Infomex sp. z o.o. ( [www]

As a software architect and a PHP developer with eight years of experience I made a complete selfcare system for the hosting service. As the web administrator I supported the implementation of the biggest media sharing portal in Poland ( and as a member of Aster’s development team I took a part in creation of another selfcare system ( for more than 300 thousand customers.

Every now and then I’m supporting open software by adding new PHP classes on

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