Drupal HH7 Project

Here you can find links to different informations and patches making Drupal 7 compatible with HipHop for PHP source code transformer. This allows HipHop for PHP to succesfully compile Drupal 7 into executable file.

  1. Drupal HH7 patch 1.2 for Drupal 7.4
  2. Drupal HH7 patch 1.1 for Drupal 7.2
  3. Drupal HH7 patch 1.0 for Drupal 7.0
  4. How to patch, install and compile Drupal 7.x (examples based on Drupal 7.0)
  5. Download VMware image of Fedora 14 Linux with HipHop for PHP installed

Please notice: patches are not backward compatible, you have to apply correct version of patch to the corresponding version of Drupal 7.

3 Responses to “Drupal HH7 Project”

  1. cola says:

    hi all

    hip hop is now released on a faster version… did you try to install ith with drupal 7.10?

  2. Artur Graniszewski says:


    unfortunately I cannot test this version of HipHop right now, because I’m
    currently abroad in Denmark and have a slow internet
    connection in my hotel.

    I’ll try to test this solution when I come back to Poland next week. If
    tests will be successful, I will create the VMware image as you requested.

  3. Ivan Duduin says:


    Have you any progress in yours Drupal HH7 Project with new versions of HPHP and Drupal 7?

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